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About the clan

Post by Mayro on Tue Jul 04, 2017 3:38 pm

The "Terrifically Good Clan" (TgC), is an international Cube 2: Sauerbraten clan, known for it's easy going and relaxed attitude. The clan was formed in October 2015 by Mayro and AshFrag'em, as more of a joke rather than a serious clan. AshFrag'em and Mayro would simply just slap on a tag and have some clanwars, for the hell of it, although one day Mayro had a vision that would change the clan entirely. Mayro one day evolved TgC into a serious recruiting gaming clan, but with a fun and more relaxed attitude towards the game, as he believed that far too many clans are over-competitive, which essentially spoils the fun of the game.
About The Members:
}TgC{Mayro: }TgC{Mayro is one of the co-founders of TgC, alongside AshFrag'em. Mayro is charge of maintaining the clan's websites and discord server. His main play style is Fragging, although he can be seen editing a map occasionally. Mayro's favorite gamemodes are Instagib and Capture, and his favorite maps being fanatic_quake, venice and fb_capture. Besides Cube 2: Sauerbraten, Mayro enjoys producing house music, gaming, reading and film-making.
}TgC{alt-right: Formerly known as Insano, alt-right is a skilled fragger who joined TgC in November 2015. His preferred gamemode is Instagib, and his favorite maps are: venice, fanatic_quake and dock. Besides Cube 2: Sauerbraten, alt-right enjoys PUMPING IRON !!!
}TgC{H!tman: H!tman joined TgC in August 2016, and left in September 2016. He rejoined our ranks in July, 2017. His playstyle is Fragging and his favorite gamemode is Instagib.

Former Members:

}TgC{AshFrag'em: AshFrag'em founded TgC along with Mayro in October 2015. His favorite gamemode coop edit.
}TgC{Nandoz: Nandoz joined TgC in November 2015.

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